What should be said about books that are not already said?

What can one possibly add to the galore of feelings, emotions, a book makes us feel and forget. There is absolutely no way one can encapsulate the worth of books and the joy it brings to the lovers.
Having emphasized the importance and joy-inducing power of books, we also know the challenges many of us face while buying them.


How many times have you just browsed for that one book you felt would change your world, would make you feel good, or just help you on your escapism journey on a particularly difficult day, only to find out the options available require you to go bankrupt; or you just turn towards an e-copy, which isn’t something that gives the same amount of joy. We all know that not only the story in the book that enhances the joy of reading it. But also the touch of the pages, the scent of the book are core points which makes that book reading special. We know, we have and hope you share the feeling.

But we hear you, so it’s time we get back to it and order those books this time without having to worry about the economical part.
Renting a book is 75 percent cheaper than ebooks and 95 percent cheaper than hardcopy you buy from the market.


We not only care for your pocket but also your health… Spending time on screen is in your daily routine you do it for your daily leaving, but why to spend 2 hours more reading ebook on the screen which has a bad effect on your eyes.
And as it is said “MULTITASKING IS A LIE” same way listening to the audiobook and doing your work simultaneously, with full concentration on both the work is a LIE.

Rent don’t buy @MyBiblio.life

My Biblio.life brings you a way for you to indulge all you want without having to worry about your eyes, and digging a hole in your pockets.
A website where you can rent books for as long you need them to keep you company. It provides you with all the genres from mystery, sci-fi, suspense, thriller, to absolutely anything you fancy. We are talking about a virtual library with hardcover books you can peruse till you have found the one for you.
You can store thousands of copies of books on your tablet, but how many do u read at a time?
Let’s enjoy these small pleasures and not deny ourselves the joy of holding a physical copy just because of the price.