How many books can we rent?

You can rent as many books you need.

Within how much time book will get delivered?

The book will get delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

Why cash on delivery is not available?

This is a rental service platform so we don’t have cash on delivery option.

Can I increase days of renting a particular book?

Yes, you can increase days by paying additional rent per day charges.

What if the book is not collected by the agent after I have requested to submit the book, will I be charged more for extra days?

No, once you have selected the option to submit the book back you will not be charged for extra days.

how are the rented days counted?

The day starts from 12 noon and ends at 11:30 pm. (If the delivery is done after 6 pm then that day will not be counted)

How to return a book?

You then click on return book option and our agent will collect the book.

Is there any fine if the book is not returned on time?

Yes. You will be charged for the extra day but If you increase the rental days before handed then there is no fine.

Can I cancel any order after payment is done?

Yes, you can cancel the order within 3 hours of payment.

Can I give my book for renting?

Yes, you can. please write to us for more information.

Can I rent multiple books at a time?

Yes, you can rent multiple books at a time. But the rented days are counted for all the books.